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About SAT

The SAT exam (Scholarstic Aptitude Test) is a recognized university admission test in the USA .The test lets you show universities your knowledge on the basis of which one is able to make way to the most prestigious universities.

The SAT test/exam or SAT 1 tests the skills of reading, writing and mathematics.

The total score for SAT I is 1600---- (Mathematics---800, Critical Reasoning and Writing---800)

Further, some universities also require you to take SAT 2 test which is more academic, intense and subject oriented.


  • A way apart from general teaching pedagogy.
  • Student centric.
  • Expert mentors.
  • Exhaustive test material.
  • Book approach in place of abridged material.
  • Proven test taking strategies for 1500+ target.
  • Strategy to access student and in accordance method of teaching.
  • Calculator approach for solving problems.


  • 50 HRS of classroom teaching.
  • Practice hours for problem solving.
  • One on one doubt solving session.
  • Complementry Introductry session on study abroad.
  • Hotline contacting with parents for student academic update.
  • 18 month course validity.


Strategise the method of teaching on basis of our accessment exam. All the students are not same and neither their problem so with our experience and research we strategise the mentoring on these basis:
  • those who are very new to SAT exam.
  • those who have some specific type of problems.
So , here in our center mentoring takes over teaching . A complete 360 Degrees mentoring preparing student for a prosperous study abroad.

Students Speak

“I am very happy with the classes. Faculities are very helping. These classes helped me inprove my vocabulary and my approach to read and understand, i recommend Mishra Classes to everyone” As quoted

Rishabh SAT student Enrolled for year long program and also avialing special English strengthening classes.

“Mishra Classes enhanced my vocubulary and improve my approach to solving comprehension problem.
I recommend those classes utmost” As quoted

Akshit SAT student Enrolled for year long program and also availing special English strengthning classes.

Immensely statisfied with the classes.

Praniti SAT student she also availed special debating skill classes for participating across Delhi NCR.

We Congratulate our student for securing 95% in TOEFL.

  Anisha sethi for TOEFL

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